Our tips for a cheerful capital gardener

Бодри съвети по градско-градинарски ​

"My Spring,
my white spring" 

Снимки – Кирил Младенов

Or at least that is how a wonderful poem begins. To our delight, spring exists not only in the romantic performances of one of our finest poets, but is a reality that has finally caught up with us. And because many people, in many places and on different occasions, ask us: “Well, where to start this spring !? I have a great desire, but I do not know / I have no idea… ”, we decided to share our experience with you. We have no pretensions to be professional gardeners, and to master the art of growing vegetables to perfection, but experience, books, videos, conversations and people allow us to give guidance on which crops are suitable for growing in urban gardens here in Sofia. And so:

Root crops

Sow radishes, red beets, parsnips, parsley, celery. Look for varieties of carrots that are suitable for heavy soils, such as the tar fields in Sofia Field.


Sow spinach for spring picking in early spring or even before winter and for autumn harvest in late August - early September. Other leafy vegetables that are good for finding a place in the garden are chard, arugula, kale, mizuna, salad.


Don't forget the spices. Sow basil, parsley and celery, marjoram and savory. Ask a gardener friend to dig you some Balkan savory, thyme, oregano, peppermint, mint, salvia, and urea from your garden. As a last resort, buy these pot spices from a construction hypermarket.


Sow onions and garlic in late winter and then buy leek seedlings from the market. Before winter, sow onions and garlic again for green next spring.


All types of legumes are very suitable for growing in Sofia. You can choose between low and twisting varieties of beans. Of the lower varieties, we recommend cylindrical pods. Of the varietal varieties, we recommend that you try the so-called asparagus beans along with the traditional varieties. Peas and corms are also suitable for Sofia conditions - they are sown very early in the spring, and you can sow the corms even before winter, because it is one of the most cold-resistant vegetables!

Zucchini and cucumbers

No matter how little space you have in the garden, don't give up zucchini. Look for varieties that have a compact plant shape. Be sure to plant cucumbers as well, so you can try gherkins first. Recently, it is relatively easy to find melotrium seeds in our country. It is a very easy-to-grow vegetable that is perennial, but in order to store it, the rhizome must be replanted in a pot for the winter.


In our opinion, they are the most satisfying culture that a Sofia city gardener can grow relatively easily. Because of the risk of late frost, it is most likely that the tomato seedlings are planted in the garden around May 24, when it is 6-8 weeks old. We recommend that you sow the seeds after March 20 until early April.

Основно правило е, че чери доматите узряват по-бързо от едрите домати, както и че ниските сортове (т. нар. детерминантни, т. е. с определен ръст) домати се развиват по-бързо от високите. Досегашният ни опит ни дава основание да препоръчаме черно чери и жълт крушовиден домат от индетерминантните сортове с дребни плодове. Колкото до едроплодните домати, пробвайте любими сортове на приятели-градинари или pick up seedlings from the Green Team in order to preserve some old variety. From the determinant tomato varieties, you can try those with yellow or red small fruits that are recommended for growing a balcony. Seeds of large-fruited varieties from the low-stemmed tomato group can also be found on the market. In any case, look for varieties that are known to be early.

Chilie peppers

Hot peppers are more thermophilic than tomatoes, but there is still a chance of a connection with growing them in a vegetable garden in the capital. 2-3 root seedlings from the market are enough for you, unless you are a sworn fan of the fury.

Don't leave your urban vegetable garden without flowers!

Calendula, tagetes, cosmos, zinnia and Latin are indispensable co-habitants of your vegetables. In addition to decorating the garden, the flowers will attract pollinating insects and drive away the pests.

ATTENTION! Always keep a receipt and a seed packet for any claims.

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