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Urban gardening – Sofia is the official site of "Free Center with Horizontal Structure for City Gardening - Sofia"

Garden forDružba

What is a seed? A seed may be a future plant, but it can also be an idea. An idea that, once sown, begins to spread and develops. It grows more and more rapidly, rooting in everyone who touches it. Urban gardening is the freedom of whole supportive groups to decide their present and plan their future.

Urban Gardening - Sofia is both a physical space where citizens and guests of the capital can grow their food, develop, create and exercise direct democracy, as well as a shared vision for the development of our city. In the only currently and rapidly growing communal garden in Sofia - Garden forDružba, you have the opportunity to experience freedom in a cohesive society, committed to mutual assistance and common understanding, without the obligation to consume, without power pressure, hatred or isolation for the individual participants - everyone here is free to be what he is!

In 2019 Garden forDružba begins the fifth year from its existence. So far, it has enabled more than 60 people in 38 separate gardens to grow their own food, to grow in a community without vertical structures, without financial burdens and without masters - everything here depends on the participants themselves.

Feel always welcome to visit us - we will be glad to share the pleasure of freedom, fun and of course - the cultivation of fresh and fresh fruits and vegetables. Here you can develop yourself and acquire the qualities, abilities and confidence to change the whole world!

We are expecting you!

Мисия: Усилване и укрепване на комуналния дух. Производство на чисти от пестициди и химикали зеленчуци. Градско градинарство – София е място за почивка от безумието на днешното време, съпротива срещу стандартите на консуматорското общество, корупцията, безличието и безчовечността.

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42.644337, 23.417824​​


Drujba 2, the Greening orangery, Delieska Vodenitsa Str. To Bus stop "block 501". Buses: 88, 204, 404 from the subway station "IEC - Tsarigradsko Shose" (30 minutes from almost every point of the city where there is a metro). Route N16! By car: Tsarigradsko shose direction Plovdiv. At the traffic lights at Gorubliane turn left to Iskar Station. Then, at the first T-shaped junction with the pedestrian traffic light, turn right and drive to the end of the street (100-150 m). The street ends in the greenhouse. The garden is located behind block 506 in the ex greenhouse of "Ozeleniavane".